​Holiday Closing: all county offices are closed Monday, May 30, for the Memorial Day holiday, and will re-open Tuesday, May 31. This includes parks offices, public works, courts and all other administrative offices.

Spring season brings another level of severe weather

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The county's Emergency Management staff wants to remind residents that the coming spring brings its own set of challenges beyond pulling weeds and mowing grass. Spring storms here can be fierce and cause a great deal of damage.  

Preparations for property damages, power outages, and communication disruptions possess some of the most critical steps residents can take to ensure safety during and recovery after disasters of any kind. 

Here are some reminders to consider in the coming weeks: 

  • Ensure insurance policies are up to date;
  • Family members should have a communication plan that includes identifying a meeting place and time, if cell phones fail to work.
  • Be ready for a power outage. If an outage lasts more than a few hours, the preparedness steps you take in advance can help offset the dangers and inconveniences that go hand-in-hand with food going bad, lack of water, and the loss of television, radio and phone, just to name a few.

A wide variety of sources are available to help guide you through disaster preparations.

For example,, and the American Red Cross all have tips, advice and checklists to help you through the challenges of spring's severe side. 

For more information you can contact your local government agency, or Collin County's Office of Emergency Management at (972) 548-4383.