Justice Court 1 posts financial records online for public

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​Judge Paul Raleeh, Justice of the Peace for Precinct 1, posted all of his court’s financial data today on Collin County’s website for public review.

Seven years of the court’s budget, checkbook and internal audit findings are now available online, in what may be the first instance of a Texas Justice Court making financial transparency accessible with a single link.

Monthly budget expenditures going back to Fiscal Year 2009 range from the court’s aggregate salary and benefits to train and travel costs to printed materials and office supplies. Checkbook reconciliation reports also date back to 2009, and fold in checks cut for the state’s portion of collected fees, daily deposits of fees and fines, and payments to attorneys and service processors. The last available audits from the County Auditor is also posted.

The records have always been available to the public for the asking, but are available online now without residents having to request them in writing or visit Judge Raleeh's court offices in McKinney.

Judge Raleeh said that many people are unaware or forget that their court system is also a customer service-oriented business.   

“Judges have a responsibility to not only apply the law in a fair and equitable manner,” the judge added. “But as public officials also, there is a need for us to be open and accountable in how we run the business operations of our government positions.

“That’s why you can now see all the financial dealings of my court online,” he explained.

(for a direct link into the document collection, go here.)