25 Years of no County tax rate increases

​The Collin County Commissioners Court adopted county property tax rate of $0.192246 per $100 valuation for FY2018. This is the fifth year in a row that the tax rate has been cut. It also represents the 25th consecutive year where there has not been a county tax rate increase. That, along with a 5% homestead exemption for the last ten years, equals savings for county property owners.

Still, as the population and property values in our county continue to climb, our county tax revenues also continue to increase. And so do our need for services and staff.

Collin County Tax Rate vs Population Adopted Budget vs Employees

More Efficiency with More Employees

For FY2018, the county has added 30 new job positions, with 16 of those in the Sheriff's Office. But even with annual increases in staff, Collin County still has the lowest number of employees per 1,000 residents (2.06, for FY2017) for the 15 largest Texas counties – a significant measure of fiscal efficiency.

Property Tax Analysis

Here's an example of an average Collin County homeowner's property tax distribution: the average home here is valued at $344,382, according to the Central Appraisal District of Collin County.

Average Collin County Homeowner's Property Tax Distribution Distribution by Taxing Unit