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City/town population estimates for 2018 released by Census

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The U.S. Census Bureau released population estimates for cities and towns in 2018 in late May, with Collin County cities continuing to show impressive annual growth rates. 

Frisco and McKinney were among some of the fastest growing cities in the nation from 2017-2018, with annual gains of 10,884 and 9,888, respectively. And Wylie topped the 50,000 mark with a 51,585 estimate for 2018.

That said, the release gave us an opportunity to look over changes since the last official census in 2010. 

From 2010-2018, four communities here more than doubled their population: Celina, Josephine, Melissa and Prosper, the most impressive of which was Prosper's 130-percent jump from 9,700 to 22,300 in that time span. 

For a little statistical housekeeping, some of these cities' boundaries cross over into other county lines, so adding up their population estimates won't give an accurate count for Collin County. 

Earlier in May the Census Bureau released figures that showed that as of July 2018, Collin County's population was 1,005,146. City and town totals for the July 2018 estimate come in at 1,102,796. 

All told, cities and towns here added more than a quarter million residents from 2010-2018. 

The biggest raw number growth from 2010-2018 came, of course, from Frisco and McKinney. Frisco added almost 70,000 new residents for a 59-percent growth rate; McKinney increased by 44 percent, adding almost 59,000 to its population. 

Among the fastest growing cities of 50,000 or more in Texas, five Collin county cities were in the top 25 in the state: Frisco, McKinney, Wylie, Allen and Richardson. 

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