Voter turnout for 2018 midterm elections is record-breaking

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Collin County's 2018 midterm elections tracked more like a Presidential election, with the highest turnout ever in this corner of North Texas – and an early voter turnout rate that was the highest in Texas.

So our Information Technology staff pulled up some numbers through the early voting period and Election Day, as well as our activity on the county's elections applications that helped voters find the polls.

What's posted below is overall information. If you want to see how each precinct voted for county, state and Congressional races, our GIS/Rural Addressing mapping folks have compiled a precinct-by-precinct tally for 22 contests, plus straight-party votes cast and overall turnout


Voter Information:

42,535 New Registered Voters since the 2016 Presidential Election
49.68% of Registered Voters voted early
11% of Registered Voters voted on Election Day
#1 Collin County had the highest Early Voting Turnout in Texas
(Texas Secretary of State's Office – 49.39%)
61.38% Voter Turnout
357,034 Total Ballots Cast
289,007 Voted Early
68,027 Voted on Election Day
81% of ballots cast were cast during Early Voting
19% of ballots cast voted on Election Day


Web Performance in Pageviews [hits] from 10/19-11/09:

2,396,927 Entire Collin County Website
543,135 Total Election-related
144,811 Early Voting Locations page
78,302 Election Information page
61,338 Election Results page
57,606 Election Day Vote Centers page


Applications Performance in Pageviews from 10/19-11/09:

89,630 Total Polling Location app
63,192 EV – Polling Location app
26,438 ED – Polling Location app
Routes created
91,783 EV Routes created
ED Routes created
43,819 Sample Ballots pages
10,626 Ballot by Address app
14,905 Old Voter Reg app
4,810 New Voter Reg app


"If  someone asked me to describe this historic election and the records that it shattered I would say it would be faster to describe the areas that didn't shatter a record," said Bruce Sherbet, county Elections Administrator. "This election tracked a presidential election in every major area of elections administration: voter registration, absentee ballot by mail, early voting and election day.

"In my 30-plus years as an elections administrator, I have never seen a midterm election that comes close to matching this one."