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Assistance Center of Collin County

… and we've got just the resource to prove it.

Thanks to a lot of community support, the Assistance Center of Collin County has launched a new and improved online directory of social service agencies and providers called Collin County Cares.

Based in Plano The ACCC is not a welfare agency, but has helped provide and guide families and individuals of all ages in need of temporary, emergency assistance for more than 35 years.

But the agency also publishes an in-depth directory of social services and government agencies available to area residents that goes far beyond its own mission, and has become a mainstay for steering folks in need to the right place, quickly.

John Caldwell, interim Executive Director of the ACCC, says the directory can be updated and changed as needed by providers, so that it has current – and correct – information, thanks to sponsorship from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Plano.

"It's always going to be a work in progress," he says. "And we're always going to be looking to expand and refine Collin County Cares at every opportunity."

The directory has more than 160 keyword sections that can bring up listings from adult day care to food pantries, home repairs to utility assistance – or, you can enter your own search terms. It also has a Zip Code filter that will help find services and agencies closer to where they are needed. Recently, organizers added popular search topics, such as Food, Health, Employment and Rent​ Assistance -- plus, a version in Spanish. Keyword search results can also be narrowed down by proxmity to find the closest agency. 

Agency listings include operating hours, descriptions of services, geographic service areas, links to websites and maps for directions.

ACCC still maintains its Assistance Hotline (972-422-1850) for those who don't have the technology to tap the online directory; they just hope that Collin County Cares becomes to go-to tool for anyone needing help, or seeking to find help for someone else in need.