New online 'Civil Papers' search app launches

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We’ve recently added another application that can help you track or confirm whether Collin County Constables are serving, or have served, legal papers.

The Constable Civil Paper Search is an easy digital app that can track down legal “paper” for evictions, warrants, traffic citations, subpoenas, and writs. Just about any type of legal document forwarded to  Constables to be officially served on a party involved in all kinds of legal action, from divorce cases to small claims court to criminal district courts.

The database includes thousands upon thousands of documents, most of which are linked to pending or past legal cases across the Collin County’s court system. Only a handful of sensitive documents, such as protective orders or cases involving children, are not included in the database search.

The search app allows citizens and lawyers to confirm whether a legal notice has been served on a party, when it was, what time it was served, what office was involved, and which Deputy Constable actually served the papers. Additionally, when a lawsuit or criminal case is associated with the paper, the app links you directly to the online court file. Specific, detailed court documents related to search results are not posted online, however.

The Civil Paper Search is also a companion to the Judicial Online Search application launched earlier this year. That app searches court cases on all levels, and links to current inmates in the county jail, and active warrants.

Both apps are mobile device-friendly, created completely in-house; meaning, no added tax dollars were spent  to provide the free service. And both apps are also updated live, so it is as current and accurate as the court file management system from which it comes.

Precinct 1 Constable Shane Williams said his colleagues in all four precincts are hoping the app helps local attorneys, parties in lawsuits and the general public will be able to find information they need quickly and what office is handling the notice.

“Being Precinct 1, a lot of folks call us first, trying to figure out which office is trying to contact them for service,” he said. “Also, parties in lawsuits want to know when their papers were served. This app lets everyone find out exactly what’s going on, right up to the minute.”