Spring, summer workshops & classes at the Farm Museum

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Collin County Farm Museum Coordinator Jennifer Rogers has posted a slew of new workshops, classes and camps for spring and summer 2016. Cheese-making to bird-feeders to learning how to drive the museum's 1911 Ford Model T are just a taste of what's scheduled from March until August.

You can check out or download workshop catalogs and get more details here.

Class size is limited, and early registration helps lock in special instructors on many topics. Also, to stay informed about what's happening at this one-of-a-kind museum, please follow it all on Facebook.

In the meantime, here's a brief explanation of why Jennifer offers what she does in the museum's catalog of workshops:

"More and more people are reconnecting with our rural past. Some may want to better understand how their grandparents or great grandparents lived and thrived. Some have their own farms and want a more "natural" way of living – or simply control what goes into what they eat. There are some who take more of a survivalist stance, as in being prepared for anything.

"Regardless of the reasons, most agree that there is much in this world that we take for granted. Sometimes, it is hard to imagine that basic activities, such a making butter or composting, was commonplace up until the 1960's.  As commodities and commercialization changed, so did the public's perception of food and goods. Those things that once belonged to the realm of home and farm now originate at the marketplace.

"Whenever I give a tour to a school group and ask students where their food comes from, the answer is invariably, "The store."

"Whether or not people use the skills they learn in the Farm Museum's workshops is not important. Learning these skills ensures the survival of our rural traditions."

For more narrative on what museum workshops are like, try Jennifer's Playing with the Past articles.