Playing with the Past

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Collin County Farm Museum offers a variety of workshops designed to provide the public with hands-on experience relating to Collin County’s rural heritage. That’s a fancy way of say we like to play with the past.

The workshops teach forgotten or little used skills that were once commonplace among early settlers. These skills can be divided as domestic, those centered around the home, and field skills -- those used away from the home. It is important to remember that these skills are not necessarily gender assignments, so-called “women’s work” or “men’s work.”  It was just work that had to be done on the farm. From antique tractor driving to soap making, these are the types of workshops we offer – teaching a modern generation history through their hands.

Over the past year, Farm Museum Curator Jennifer Rogers  has collected numerous entertaining stories about her experiences in these workshops, the result of which is this series of articles:

Note: Here's a list of the Farm Museum's schedule of workshops and classes.