​Holiday Closing: all county offices are closed Monday, May 30, for the Memorial Day holiday, and will re-open Tuesday, May 31. This includes parks offices, public works, courts and all other administrative offices.

County Clerk launches mobile-friendly public notices app

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​It's only been about 10 years since the bulk of public notices were tacked onto courthouse walls and bulletin boards for public viewing: beer and wine license applications, public hearings by utility companies, bankruptcy notices, certain Probate filings – even "estray" notices where, if you didn't pick up your lost cow soon, they went to the auction block.

Well, we just made searching through all this information a whole lot easier.

After months of re-organizing, programming and testing, the County Clerk Stacey Kemp now has a mobile-friendly, searchable database for the public to wade through hundreds of different public notices currently on file with her office. And thousands more on file in her archives.

The County Clerk is the officials source of all official public notices for Collin County, including public meeting notices for the Commissioners Court, and includes various local and state agencies. Most notices posted here  are required by state law; some are posted as a courtesy to get word out to the public.

The new Public Notices breaks filings down into six categories, and allows full-text searching for either current notices, archives or all together.

Results allow you to view the documents themselves on the screen or download a scanned file.

Here's the app address: