We've made a few changes to our website ...

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By adding more news and information, local events and a quick references to our most-used pages, we're hoping you'll find it easier to get information, records, services and news from Collin County government.

So you know, this website – your website -- draws about 1.5 million hits a month from about 150,000 unique viewers. And for the past few years, however, we noticed a steady increase in usage from mobile devices. Thanks to some hard, in-house work from our IT Department in the last few months,  it's now much easier to use this website via your smart phone or tablet.

Here's what else has changed:

More news and information up front. We'll be posting a lot more information involving what's going on across Collin County government departments, the Commissioners Court, and the 30 different elected offices that we support every day.

We also added Upcoming Events that come in from our departments, as well as the cities and towns from our neck of the woods. This will span public meetings notices to events at Myers Park & Event Center to city and town festivals.

The Top Ten. Based on our current web usage, we'll link you directly to the most heavily tapped resources on this website. Odds are about 1 in 2 that you're head to one of these 10 spots.

The Courts & Public Safety.  More than half your county tax dollars go support the justice system here, and more than half of this site's usage involves this important part of our county government's  infrastructure. So we combined all our public safety, law enforcement and justice system pages into a one-stop portal, where you can look up court cases, check active warrants, pay traffic tickets, check jury duty status, check for registered sex offenders.

We've got more refinements and changes coming in the next few months to make viewing and searching here much easier, but we thought we'd let you in on the start of something good. ​