Follow these tips for a safe holiday season

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The Collin County Fire Marshal and Office of Emergency Management would like all Collin County residents to have a safe and fun holiday season. 

Winter weather, long lasting cold temperatures, utility outages, and others can dampen the holiday season, but if everyone takes few simple actions, you and your family will be prepared for most anything. Additionally, house fires typically increase during colder months due to people using candles, cook more often, and carry out other daily activities. 

We ask everyone to follow the ideas below, to ensure a joyful holiday season.

Fire Safety

  • Make sure all smoke alarms are functional in your home
  • Have a working fire extinguisher in your kitchen
  • Do not leave food unattended while cooking on the stove
  • Do not leave hot grease or open flames unattended  
  • Have heating equipment inspected annually by a qualified contractor
  • Do not use candles for emergency lighting

Cold and Winter Weather Precipitation

  • Remain weather aware, both at home and while away
  • Consider placing a Vehicle Safety Kit in your car or truck, especially if traveling long distances from home
  • Place blankets and extra clothes in your vehicle
  • Do not use grills or other gas-powered equipment indoors for any reason
  • Follow all manufacturers' directions on heating devices
  • Allow sufficient space around space heaters
  • Have your vehicle serviced per manufacturers' recommendations
  • Remember the 4P's: People, pets, pipes, and plants

We also recommend having supplies at home to be able to take care of yourself and family for up to 72 hours without any power. Items include flashlights, food that does not require power to prepare, extra water, extra clothing and blankets, battery powered radio, and battery chargers for cell phones.

Please visit for more information.

It is important that all residents remain weather aware, not just during the holiday season but year round. There are multiple apps you can download to your smart device that will keep you updated regarding weather threats based on your location. Local news stations provide apps that will also help keep you updated with weather information. 

A time-trusted method to stay weather aware is to purchase a NOAA Weather Radio. These radios receive important information directly from the National Weather Service. 

The Collin County Fire Marshal's Office wishes all an enjoyable holiday season. Taking a few basic steps will help you be ready for most anything.