What's cooking at AgriLife? A lot more than you think

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About 40 local school age kids spent three days at The Landing at Myers Park as part of a nutrition and cooking camp in late July, hosted by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Services.

The kids, ages 9 to 12, got hands-on instruction and supervision on nutrition, safe food handling and preparation, and then used that to cook up their own lunches — from tacos to salads, stir fry to chicken and rice.

It's all part of AgriLife's extensive programs offered throughout the year for Collin county residents. From their website, you can tap into 4-H programs, horticulture advice and education, family and consumer science, and much more.

Check out AgriLife's calendar of programs on the link above.  Hint: they have another cooking class coming in late September at Collin College.