Clean it up! Maybe it’s time to get a new car.

Is your current ride smoking like a chimney and giving you gallons per mile instead of miles per gallon? Want to buy a newer, more fuel-efficient vehicle but need help? AirCheckTexas Drive a Clean Machine may be the program for you.

Residents with vehicles that have failed the emissions portion of the state inspection in the past 30 days or are more than 10 years old are encouraged to apply for replacement assistance if they meet the income criteria and certain vehicle requirements.

Help is available to vehicle owners in nine North Texas counties (Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Johnson, Kaufman, Parker, Rockwall and Tarrant). This is the third consecutive year this vehicle replacement assistance has been offered.

1,150 vehicles were replaced in the four-month application period in FY 2013. Since the program began in 2002, 29,900 vehicles have been replaced, while 28,450 have been repaired with the help of vouchers.

A family of four earning $71,550 or less per year qualifies for assistance. The program offers $3,000 vouchers toward replacement of a vehicle with a newer, cleaner automobile. The amount increases to $3,500 if the newer car or truck is a hybrid, electric or natural gas-powered vehicle.

But the time to apply is limited, as are the available funds. So apply online today! Go to for information or to download the application.

Applications and income documentation for all adults in the household must be submitted by fax, 817-608-2315, or mail. The mailing address is AirCheckTexas Program, P.O. Box 5888, Arlington, TX 76005-5888.

NCTCOG is not able to assist walk-ins. Assistance through this application-based program is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. After enough applications have been received to exhaust the available funding, this offer will end and applications will no longer be accepted. The program may be reopened to qualifying motorists seeking replacement vouchers in fiscal year 2015.




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