Audie Murphy: One Last Honor

Audie Murphy

Gov. Perry to award state’s highest military honor to Audie Murphy

Gov. Rick Perry will add one more medal to Farmersville’s favorite son for his heroism in World War II.  Tuesday afternoon, the Governor will officially award the state’s highest military honor --  the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor -- to Audie Murphy during a ceremony and celebration in Farmersville. 

Texas Medal of Honor

In 2011, it was discovered that Audie Murphy had never been nominated for this award despite being generally accepted as America's Most Decorated Combat Soldier of World War II.

During a second special session this summer, Texas State Representative Scott Turner of District 33 sponsored a resolution to award the medal to Audie Murphy. After the unanimous approval by the Texas State House of Representatives, the Texas State Senate approved the bill in a unanimous vote just days before the special session ended. 

The official ceremony and celebration starts at 2 p.m., Oct. 29, in downtown Farmerville’s Freedom Plaza.



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