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An easier way to monitor your county government

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Collin County posts an easy-to-access page to monitor agendas, minutes and documents tied to Commissioners Court meetings.

Documents and notices have been posted on this website for years, but we've made it simpler to view and search for specific agenda items, backup or supporting information on those items, Court minutes from previous meetings, and – we link them all to the Court's video archive and streaming, so that viewers can read the very same documents being discussed in Commissioners Court meetings.

The hope is that the format is much easier and user-friendly to open up what we do with your tax dollars.

In a nutshell, the page folds in:

  • Digital Agendas that link to any and every supporting document tied to each and every agenda item; many times, this include presentations, memos and spreadsheets;
  • Commissioners Court Minutes, the official records of what transpired at each meeting, showing who attended, who spoke and what votes were taken;
  • Court Orders, signed by court members, on issues of county policy, ordinances and contracts.
This new page also features a search function that allows user to search Commissioners Court records as far back as January 2005; again, with agendas, so-called backup documents to agenda items, Court orders and minutes. Court documents going further back are on file with the County Clerk's office.