Performance Reports

Performance Reports

Budget Department post running tally of county departmental trends

Let’s say you want to know what’s the busiest month for autopsies by our Medical Examiner, maybe the latest trends in medical costs to taxpayers for inmates in our county jail, or (possibly) whether septic tank installation permits are up or down? Have we got a link for you.

These reports are an almanac of county government operations for the last five fiscal years, not just what we spend – but what you actually get for your tax dollars.

Our Budget & Finance Department compiles and posts a virtual library of reports, analyses and statistics from our various departments and elected offices, allowing residents to track and monitor how Collin County departments carry out their duties and services. (It also happens to be one of the tools our elected officials use when annual budget planning comes around.)

You can learn how much we collected in fines, licenses or permits – and what percentage they make up of our annual budget; how many immunizations our McKinney clinic administered over the last 5 fiscal years; or, what’s the ratio of criminal versus civil case filings in our state District Courts. 

When you get to Budget’s main page, look on the right for Quarterly Reports. The reports are filed by fiscal year, and break down into the various general areas of our operations – legal, public safety, finances, transportation and so on – as you drill down into the files. This is where the details unfold into data charts, spreadsheets, and graphed trends.


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