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Rx Discounts

Prescription Discounts

Prescription discount card continues to save folks money

In 2011 we started offering the Coast2Coast Rx Card for county residents, a free discount prescription card that provides annual savings up to 45 percent from  most pharmacy chains, according to the company’s website.

Anything that helps save money on prescription drugs is worth noting. And when it’s free, with no strings attached, all the better, right?

We recently received a report that savings to Collin County folks using the card have  trimmed more than $1 million off retail prescription prices, or an average 57-percent discount.  In November 2012 alone, for example, about 575 people used the card for some 2,100 prescriptions that would have totaled more than $137,000 in retail charges. Instead, using the card, they paid out about $59,000 – or almost 57 percent.

If you haven’t checked into this program, please read on.

The Coast2Coast Rx Card is primarily for uninsured people. But some folks will be able to use the card if they have a high deductible or if a prescription isn’t covered under their insurance plan. In some instances, the card can be even be used during the so-called Medicare Part D “donut hole,” say the people at Coast2Coast.

Please check the company’s website for all the details on this card.

Generally, savings on a single prescription range from a few percent up to 95 percent off the retail price of the drug. Cardholders save on both brand name and generic drugs, and all members of a family can use the card. It is always FREE and the card can be used immediately. There are no age, income or other exclusions; no forms to fill out. Simply take the card to one of more than 59,000 participating pharmacies.

Cardholders can also save 50- to 80-percent on lab and imaging tests.
These free cards have been distributed to virtually all chain pharmacies in the area, and at many public libraries. We’ve also stocked the cards at many Collin County offices, but the easiest way to get one is to simply go online, select Collin County, Texas, and print out your own card. You don’t need to register, or give out personal information.

You can search for a participating pharmacy online. And when it comes time to check out the savings, Coast2Coast has a price lookup database that maps your zip code and compares discounts at local pharmacies with the card. Be sure to have your prescription on hand to match the prescription prices accurately.



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