Primacare Program

PrimaCare program is one option for indigent health care in Collin County.

Just a reminder for those who may qualify for indigent health care in Collin County, Texas.

The PrimaCare Program is a partnership between Collin County Health Care Services and Prima Care Medical Centers, and an option for families who earn less than 100% of the federal poverty guidelines and who are in need of primary care or urgent care services in our community.

The program Collin County residents who have an income that is at or below 100 percent of the Federal Poverty Level, who do not have any type of health insurance, including Medicare Medicaid, CHIP’s, or private pay insurance, and who are a current and permanent legal resident of Collin County and the United States.

Through an agreement between PrimaCare Medical Centers and Collin County, qualified residents who need medical attention can simply walk in to one of the designated locations, complete a registration form, and receive treatment for a $20 co-pay.

Family-friendly office hours, a variety of services and locations throughout the county are just some of the options available to patients who qualify. Application forms are provided at the locations listed below. Primacare offers primary care, urgent care, and occupational medicine services seven days a week. No appointment is necessary. There are five locations throughout Collin County to serve you.

Contact Collin County Health Care Services at 972-548-4702 if you need more information on how this convenient program works, or how to qualify.



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