Property Fraud Alert

Property Fraud Alert

Service keeps an eye on your property

County Clerk Stacey Kemp has posted a new – and free – online service that will let you know when anyone attempts to change your property’s documents on file in Collin County. Property Fraud Alert will notify you of any changes made to your personal or business property.

This notification system is set up to help thwart people filing a fraudulent land records with the County Clerk, making it look like they own your home or business property.

And it happens.

Scam artists pick a house to steal, maybe a rental property.  They then assume the homeowner's identity using any information they can find on the homeowner, create fake ID’s, forge signatures and notarizations, and file a fraudulent deed transferring the property away from the legitimate homeowner. Next, they record the deed and sell the property or re-mortgage it and pocket the proceeds – and can be long gone before the homeowner is aware of what’s happened.

Property Fraud Alert is a team effort with the County Clerk to help keep you informed if someone tries to file a land record using your good name.

For more information, check out the Frequently Asked Questions on property fraud, or download this brochure.



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