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Scam Alert: over-the-phone ‘fine’ collector posing as Constable

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Collin County Constables in Precinct 3 are warning residents of a fresh phone scam that tries to convince people to pay non-existent fines for arrest warrants on behalf of their office.

Constable Sammy Knapp has received three complaints since Monday, the result of a scammer calling people to settle fines on fake arrest warrants for not showing up for a "court subpoena." The caller gives potential victims various locations to buy cards that allow them to transfer funds to an unknown bank account.

That's not how any law enforcement agency conducts business, according to Constable Knapp.    

"We don't serve arrest warrants this way," the Constable said.  "And we certainly don't call folks to set up electronic payments for fines. I just hope no one has followed through and sent this guy any money."

The Constable advises that anyone receiving a call like this can first check the county's website for active warrants, or call his office at 972-881-3070 to report the calls.