The calm before the storm: Kids, pets, seniors & insurance

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With spring only a few short weeks away, the coming days ahead offer all of us in north central Texas a chance to review our disaster preparedness plans. Spring in Texas can be full of relatively calm day, and very unpredictable, in just a matter of hours.

As much as we look forward to beautiful spring weather, we know thunderstorms, tornadoes, lightning, and flooding can spring up at a moment’s notice from those billowy, white clouds. Knowing what to do when these scary moments arise offer you and every member of your family the confidence they need to be safe, wherever they may be, when crisis strikes.

Annually, every Texan should check their emergency supplies to make sure they are complete, charged, serviceable, and capable of sustaining each member of their family for at least three days.

Tips for emergency supply contents can be found on a number of websites, including,,, and

Collin County Emergency Management Coordinator Jim McCrone reminds people that every member of the family should be considered when it comes to supplies for a disaster kit.

“Children, pets, and seniors have unique needs,” McCrone says. “That requires some advance planning.”

Seniors need medication, kids should have their favorite toy, or game, and pets should have a carrier, to name a few of the items recommended for most disaster kits. Complete disaster kit lists for these special family members can be found on the websites mentioned above. 

“As important as having a disaster kit prepared for every member of the family is,” McCrone explains, “It is also very important that home owners have up to date insurance policies. Good coverage offers our families and community their best opportunity to rebuild damaged, or destroyed property following a disaster.”

The Texas Department of Insurance has comprehensive information available at their website to help homeowners and renters make sure they have the records and coverage necessary to rebuild their homes and get their lives back to normal as soon as possible.

For more tips and information on emergency planning, you can contact your local office of emergency management, or the Collin County Office of Emergency Management at 972-548-4383.