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Veterans in Need Have a Lifeline, Even Two

In everyday life you usually can’t tell them apart from anyone else, unless they happen to be one of those unfortunates holding a sign asking for money or a job, or if they’re physically disabled and maybe confined to a wheelchair or wearing prosthetics.  But in another time they looked much different, and a breed apart from the general population. They were soldiers once, proud and strong.

But even the most distinguished of our military members may struggle with re-entering civilian life after service. A perfect service record doesn’t guarantee a protected or prosperous life afterward. In fact, life for our veterans can be a hopeless, traumatic struggle… though it doesn’t have to be.

Thankfully, there are resources to help our veterans get back on their feet and on the road to the productive and secure lives they deserve. And we have two of them in Collin County: Community Lifeline Center in McKinney, and Collin County’s own Veteran Services office in Plano.

Community Lifeline Center

Funded through a grant from the Texas Veterans Commission, Community Lifeline Center’s (CLC) Veteran Program provides a variety of services to veterans, their dependents and surviving spouses in CLC’s service area, which encompasses northern  and eastern Collin County and the city of McKinney. Some of what is offered includes housing and utility assistance, medical and dental care, prescriptions, transportation, counseling help, job development/training, automobile care and bereavement assistance. CLC is here to support our veterans in all these many ways, and more.

If you need more information, or help, call CLC at 972-542-0020, or visit them at

Collin County Veteran Services

The county runs an office to assist veterans and their dependents in obtaining benefits entitled to them by the federal and state governments, and to assist in representing eligible persons before the VA on disability or pension claims. This office is not part of the Veterans Administration, nor is it funded in any way by the VA or any other federal or state agency. Veteran Services exists solely to be an advocate for our local veterans in dealing with the VA.

For more information about receiving assistance in dealing with the VA, or to find out what benefits you as a veteran or as a dependent of one, please call the Veteran Services office at 972-881-3060 or visit the Veteran Services website.


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