County adds 2 new voter apps in time for fall elections

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Collin County Elections and our Information Technology folks have come up with some quick, easy ways to look up ballots and confirm your voters registration for the upcoming election.

Ballot Lookup by Address is mobile friendly, and offers a simple address search to match users' precincts. It includes a lookup assist that can save time typing in an entire address.

Ballot Lookup by Voter Registration, also mobile-friendly, gives an even more comprehensive picture by including a listing of state and county officials who represent your precinct, and then links to the appropriate ballot that you'll see when you show up at the polls. The ballot itself is not mobile-friendly, but in portable document format (PDF) required by the state.

The early voting period here begins Monday, Oct. 22 and runs through Friday, Nov. 2, and registered voters may cast their ballots at any of 33 voting centers throughout the county. Early voting centers' locations, plus the dates and times the polls remain open are posted here.

For Nov. 6, the 68 Election Day polling locations are posted here.

Both of these locators offer a location lookup that can give you the closest polling location to that address, and the "traffic light" function can let you know how long line waits are at each spot.

And for any and all upcoming election information, head to this page for answers on ballots to absentee voting to results.