Active Warrants

Active Warrants

Feeling Lucky?

Did you know that there are almost 39,000 active warrants in Collin County? And did you know that you could be arrested immediately if you are stopped for any reason and are found to have an active warrant out on you, for even something as seemingly innocuous as a ticket?

What are the chances that you or someone you know is on one of those warrants? Are you feeling a bit nervous yet?  You should be.  But help is just a keystroke away.

If you think that maybe you have unpaid tickets or something else that might generate an active warrant, go to the Sheriff’s web page and use their online warrant look-up.  It’s fast and easy.  Then you can take care of said warrant and rest easy the next time you see a police car in your rear view mirror.

Do yourself, or your loved ones, or that guy your daughter’s dating, a favor and check the Sheriff’s warrant look-up feature before you have to call around to find someone to bail you out of jail.



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