County set to host vaccine mega-center; waiting on DSHS for vaccine

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In a joint letter sent today to Commissioner John Hellerstedt of Texas' Department of State Health Services (DSHS), the Collin County Commissioners Court and the Collin County legislative delegation appealed to the state to provide additional doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to Collin County as soon as possible.

The letter states that Collin County and its public/private partners are ready and able to host a mega-center for large scale vaccine distribution available to all Texans starting immediately. It is signed by County Judge Chris Hill, Commissioner Susan Fletcher (Pct 1), Commissioner Cheryl Williams (Pct 2), Commissioner Darrell Hale (Pct 3), Commissioner Duncan Webb (Pct 4), Senator Angela Paxton (SD 8), Senator Drew Springer (SD 30), Representative Justin Holland (HD 33), Representative Matt Shaheen (HD 66), Representative Jeff Leach (HD 67), Representative Scott Sanford (HD 70), and Representative Candy Noble (HD 89).

"I and our legislative delegation are working diligently with the leadership of Collin County and with the Department of State Health Services to attack COVID-19 head-on," said Representative Jeff Leach, "including ensuring that Collin County citizens have quick and efficient access to vaccinations. Those citizens expect, demand and deserve nothing less."

According to County Judge Chris Hill, "The Commissioners and I have been planning strategically with our legislative delegation, our cities, our school districts, and private sector partners to ensure that Collin County is ready and able to distribute both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines to our community as early and as quickly as possible. We absolutely need the state to join our partnership and provide the vaccines to Collin County."

The partnership, which includes Collin County, 25 cities and towns across the county, Collin College, McKinney ISD, Frisco ISD, Plano ISD, and private sector providers, stands ready to immediately administer up to 2,000 vaccine doses per day, and has the capacity to ramp up to 6,000 doses per day (at each location) by Jan 25.

The partnering agencies have already secured multiple locations suitable for vaccine mega-centers and have already established a waiting list of over 86,000 citizens seeking the vaccine. The vaccine waiting list hosted by Collin County is open to all Texans who are eligible according to the DSHS Phase 1A and Phase 1B definitions. The only element missing from the operational plan is the vaccine itself, which is provided at the sole discretion of DSHS.