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'Drive sober or get pulled over' weekend set for Collin County

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Drivers need to be on notice that this weekend will be a "Drive sober or get pulled over" weekend, announced Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis.

Those showing signs of driving while intoxicated will be asked to provide a breath or blood sample. If they refuse, officers will seek a warrant from a judge. On-call judges stand ready to determine probable cause for a warrant. The driver's blood will be drawn if the judge finds there is sufficient evidence of DWI.

The mission of the Collin County District Attorney's office is to pursue justice and protect the community. It works with law enforcement agencies to reduce the number of DWI offenses through the combination of effective prosecution and public awareness of the "Drive sober or get pulled over" program.

The officers do not draw the blood. Rather, health care professionals are stationed at certain local jails for this purpose. The aim of this program is to keep citizens and roadways safe by preventing DWI activity.  But those who disregard the rights of others should be aware that July 21-23 is a "Drive sober or get pulled over" weekend in Collin County.