Violent gang member, career criminal gets 75 years for aggravated robbery

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Robert Lee Murray, Jr., 35, of Dallas, was sentenced to 75 years in prison for Aggravated Robbery, announced Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis. "A violent gang member and career criminal preyed on an innocent civilian for the last time. The judge and jury showed him the prison door and now he'll pay for his crimes for a long, long time," said Willis after the sentencing. 

In May 2018, Murray -- on parole from a 23-year prison sentence for a 2003 Aggravated Robbery -- and several accomplices lured a young man to a Plano parking lot by offering to sell him several iPhones. When the victim arrived, Murray pointed a gun and threatened to shoot him, then stole various items from the victim's vehicle.

Plano Police Detective Jonathan Hay found incriminating texts messages and photographs on the cell phones of Murray and his accomplices, as well as Murray's fingerprints on the victim's vehicle.

The jury found Murray guilty of the first degree felony offense of Aggravated Robbery. During the punishment phase of trial, prosecutors introduced evidence of Murray's prior convictions. Among those were violent offenses he committed as a juvenile, and the 2003 aggravated robbery mentioned above. Prosecutors also introduced evidence of Murray's gang affiliation.

Judge Jennifer Edgeworth presided over the case and assessed punishment at 75 years in prison.

Assistant District Attorneys Luke Calhoun and Kim Kircher prosecuted the case and were aided by District Attorney Investigator Sarah Putnam and Victim Assistance Coordinators Stacey Taylor and Casey Hendrix.