Frisco man receives life sentence for the murder of ex-wife

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​Robert Arthur Moses, 63, of Frisco, was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his ex-wife, announced Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis.

On Jan. 14, 2015, friends reported that Anna Moses, a University of Texas at Dallas administrator and master's student, had been missing since the evening before. Frisco Police responded to her home for a welfare check and discovered Anna's body in her garage. She was lying on her back with mail strewn around her and her purse nearby. It appeared that she arrived home after work and was shot multiple times, before entering her home, including three in her back, two in her chest, and one to her throat. A seventh bullet grazed her and was found in her clothing. While it did not appear that anyone had tried to break into her home, police did determine that her car was missing.

As part of the investigation, Anna's friends and co-workers were interviewed as well as Anna's ex-husband, Robert Moses. During the interview, Texas Ranger Reuben Mankin noticed a small cut on Robert Moses' right hand. Though he denied having anything to do with Anna's murder, he did agree to give a DNA sample to police.

Hours after Anna's body was discovered, Frisco officer William Lo located Anna's car about a block and a half away from her house. Officer Lo immediately noticed that the driver seat had what appeared to be a small blood stain on the right side. Forensic scientists from the Texas Department of Public Safety crime lab processed the car locating an additional blood stain on the seat and a blood smear on the center console. These blood samples were processed and, through DNA analysis, Robert Moses could not be excluded as a contributor of the blood found in the car. Friends and associates of Anna were ruled out as suspects based on the estimated time of death, toll road records, surveillance video and other evidence.

The jury found Robert Moses guilty of murder. After additional evidence, the jury sentenced Moses to life in prison.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant Criminal District Attorneys Cynthia Walker, Lisa King and Bobby Huber. They were aided by District Attorney Investigators Jared Clark. The case was investigated by Detective Brian Tschudy from the Frisco Police Department and Texas Ranger Reuben Mankin. Judge Scott Becker presided over the case.