Our shelter is full! Dogs, cat adoptions are $10 thru May 31

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The county's animal shelter is at 125-percent of its capacity. It's a full house -- and more. 

So our shelter staff and volunteers have temporarily lowered adoption fees to $10 for dogs and cats through Friday, May 31, to make a little room for lost or stray animals. 

The county's adoption fee includes a spay/neuter coupon, a microchip, a rabies vaccination (for those pets old enough to get one), and a handful of core vaccines to protect your new family member. That's $150 worth of veterinary care. 

Last June, more than 500 stray and abandoned dogs and cats came into the county's shelter. That's about 16 or 17 strays every day of the week, all month long. Please consider stopping by the shelter at 4750 Community Ave, in McKinney, to take a look at who could be your next very best friend. 

Go ahead: pick one.