Collin Constables to join in Warrant Roundup March 7

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Constables Joe Wright and Shane Williams will be pitching in March 7 for the 2015 Texas Warrant Roundup to collect debt owed on outstanding warrants in Collin County. 

Deputy Constables from Precinct  1 and Precinct 4 will be serving warrants issued from Justice of the Peace Mike Yarbrough's court early that Saturday.  By afternoon, the Constables will then assist the Frisco Police Department, Frisco Municipal Court and the City of McKinney in serving their outstanding warrants.

Representatives from more than 300 law enforcement agencies and courts across the state will be doing the same thing that Saturday, all part of the Texas Warrant Roundup. The roundup targets thousands of defendants with traffic, parking, city ordinance, and higher charge warrants from local, state and federal jurisdictions.

 "This warrant round-up provides an opportunity for my precinct and Constable Williams' precinct to work as a team with the City of Frisco and the City of McKinney in an effort take criminals off the street and hold people accountable for fines and restitution," says constable Wright. "Continuity of services between Constable Precincts in Collin County is important, and our jurisdiction includes providing services to citizens in the county as well as citizens in the cities we serve."

Constable Wright says

For those who would like to avoid becoming a part of the March roundup, they can check the county's free database of Active Warrants, and clear up any fines through Collin County District, County and Justice of the Peace courts. Many local courts allow for online payments, including our Justice of the Peace Courts.  To pay fines for the City of Frisco or the City of McKinney​, please check the links below: