30,000+ sign up for county vaccine wait list on 1st day

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More than 30,000 people signed up today for Collin County's vaccine wait list through an online form for county residents who meet the state's Phase 1A and 1B categories for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

The online form collected an average of 3,400 requests an hour in its first day, logging requests in the order received, and giving registrants a place in line to get the vaccine. As supplies of vaccine increase, the system will also notify residents when their turn for an appointment comes.

As of this afternoon, the county has yet to receive word on any new shipments of vaccine DSHS, the department in charge of vaccine distribution statewide. The state and county receive short notice on vaccine shipments, so the county will post any new shipments received on this website. A count of those on the wait list will be posted soon, along with how many vaccines have been administered or scheduled. 

Collin County Health Care Services received 1,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine last week, or about 6 percent of the 17,000-plus doses initially shipped to 23 pharmacies, hospitals, and health care providers across the county.

Due to the limited volume of vaccines available to Collin County, individuals are encouraged to contact their primary health care provider and their local pharmacy to inquire about additional vaccine availability. Please note that most private health care providers (pharmacies, hospitals, physicians) maintain their own vaccine wait lists separate from the Collin County Health Care Services wait list.