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Census Bureau: Collin topped 1 million residents in 2018

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Collin County has topped the million mark in population
, according to new figures posted by the U.S. Census Bureau this week. The county's official "estimate," says the bureau: 1,005,146 – for 2018.

We would have told you sooner, but the Census Bureau has a lot of estimates to push out for a lot of counties across the nation, so release of annual estimates lag a bit -- understandably.

The new population estimate signals a 28% growth rate since the 2010 Census, and a 3.5% annual increase over 2017's figure of 971,393.

For newly released population estimates of Collin County cities and towns, please click here

We like to break down the 2017-2018 change this way: 

  • We grew by 33,753 new residents one year, the largest annual increase here since 2006 when we grew by 7% in a single year;
  • Still, the new figure comes to more than 2,800 new folks arriving in one form or another every month; or,
  • 92 new neighbors every day, seven days a week.

On a broader playing field, Harris and Collin County were ranked a close third and fourth in the nation for counties with the largest numeric growth in a single year. Think about it: Collin County – one fourth the population of Harris County – added almost as many residents. 

Of the top 10 counties in this category, Tarrant and Bexar counties ranked 8 and 9, so four out of ther top biggest growers were from Texas. Naturally.

As far as metropolitan area growth, the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area had the largest numeric growth for its statistical class in the nation.

For a slew of charts and other comparisons, please see the bureau's April 18 press release.