Violent Plano Man's Disguise Fails, Gets 75 Years for 5th Aggravated Robbery

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(McKinney, Texas) – David Fife, 56, of Plano, Texas, was sentenced to 75 years for Aggravated Robbery, announced Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis. "It's a great day for justice getting a violent, repeat offender off the street," added Willis.

Evidence showed that on November 25th, 2014, Fife entered a Metro PCS store in Plano and robbed the two store clerks at gun point.  After entering the store, Fife walked towards the counter and lifted his shirt showing the two guns that he had in his waistband.  Fife then pulled one of the guns out, pointed it at the two victims and demanded they turn over all the money and the memory SD cards behind the counter.  The victims gave Fife $317 in cash, and 5 memory cards.

Before leaving, Fife threatened to return and kill the victims if they called the police.  Fife, a frequent customer of the Metro PCS store, attempted to disguise himself by covering up his face and head with a towel, hat, and sunglasses. 

Once Fife left, one of the victims called 911 and said she recognized the voice of the man that had just robbed her.  After gathering more descriptors, Plano Police Detective Scott Epperson confirmed that Fife was in fact the robber that the victim had recognized.  The Plano Police Intelligence Unit conducted surveillance of Fife, and a search warrant was executed at the apartment in Dallas where Fife had been staying. Police recovered one of the distinctive memory cards that were stolen in the robbery.

A jury convicted Fife of aggravated robbery.  Judge Webb Baird assessed the 75 years punishment after hearing evidence that Fife had been previously convicted of several felonies including 4 prior aggravated robberies.  Evidence also showed that while waiting for trial, Fife brutally assaulted another inmate in the Collin County Jail.  Assistant Criminal District Attorneys Ashley Briggs and Cindy Walker were the prosecutors, assisted by District Attorney Investigator Dale Dowdy.