2005 Projects

Major Road Projects
CR74 Completed:11-Aug-05 US380 north to CR78 0.97
CR78 Completed:11-Aug-05 CR74 west .52 miles 0.38
CR80 Completed:11-Aug-05 CR74 north 1.01
CR135 Completed:8-Aug-05 CR132 east to CR136 1.50
CR177 Completed:8-Aug-05 CR135 east to CR176 0.85
CR209 Completed:12-Jul-05 FM543 northeast to CR210 1.40
CR210 Completed:12-Jul-05 CR209 east to FM455 1.40
CR283 Completed US75 west to CR286 0.44
CR286 Completed FM455 south to CR283 3.78
CR366 Completed:28-Apr-05 US75 east to CR365 1.72
CR371 Completed:28-Jul-05 SH5 west to US75 1.85
CR411 Completed:29-Jun-05 CR410 southeast to CR341 0.48
CR434 Completed:20-Jun-05 SH78 south to asphalt 0.70
CR442 Completed:30-Aug-05 FM982 to CR1102 1.63
CR452 Completed:20-Jul-05 FM982 east to cul-de-sac 0.93
CR470 Completed:11-May-05 FM1377 east to FM1827 3.06
CR472 Completed:28-Apr-05 CR475 southwest to CR474 0.99
CR475 Completed:28-Apr-05 SH121 southwest to CR472 0.76
CR483 Completed:26-Oct-04 CR538 south to asphalt 1.65
CR545 Completed:07-Jun-05 SH78 southwest to CR488 1.57
CR562 Completed:27-Jun-05 CR561 northwest to Sister Grove Park 0.42
CR571 Completed:11-May-05 FM1377 east to CR570 1.00
CR583 Completed:26-May-05 SH78 west to CR579 0.47
CR597 Completed:4-Sep-05 End of asphalt northeast to CR566 1.43
CR601 Completed:8-Nov-04 CR605 south to CR566 1.72
CR622 Completed:26-May-05 SH78 east to CR620 1.64
CR628 Completed:22-Sep-05 FM981 south to CR825 1.20
CR634 Completed:26-May-05 CR580 north to county line 0.41
CR638 Completed FM1777 west to CR637 1.47
CR643 Completed:14-Jun-05 FM547 west to CR645 1.11
CR645 Completed:14-Jun-05 CR643 north to CR605 1.84
CR657 Completed:20-Jul-05 CR660 west to CR1027 0.91
CR658 Completed:24-May-05 CR656 north to FM2194 2.23
CR665 Completed:25-May-05 CR618 northwest to asphalt 0.65
CR668 Completed:25-May-05 CR825 east to Hunt county 2.90
CR669 Completed:25-May-05 FM1562 south to CR1004 2.51
CR825 Completed:25-May-05 Asphalt south to CR622 0.94
CR834 Completed:26-May-05 CR669 west to cul-de-sac 0.68
CR988 Completed:23-Sep-05 FM1827 north to cul-de-sac 0.41
CR989 Completed:23-Sep-05 FM1827 north to cul-de-sac 0.28
CR997 Completed:29-Jun-05 Small loop at FM2933 0.19
CR1220 Completed:09-May-05 SH121 to CR472 1.13