Community Service

​Public Works has partnered with the Community Supervision and Corrections Department for the purpose of allowing probationers to serve their court ordered community service at Public Works. Probationers will perform a variety of tasks such as litter control, stream cleanups, tire shredding, washing cars, ROW and cemetery mowing and trimming.

Probationers interested in participating are required to follow the guidelines below. In the interest of limiting exposure and protecting both the probationers and Public Works employees in the era of Covid-19, the department has modified the normal operating procedure. 

For a complete list of rules, please view or download the CSCD Policy

  1. Probationers should arrive no later than 7 a.m. at the Public Works Service Center.
  2. Maintain six feet separation in single file while waiting in the designated parking area.
  3. Shorts are not allowed, gloves are highly recommended
  4. Bring a lunch, but not one that requires refrigeration.
  5. Community Service is offered Monday through Saturday unless there is a County observed holiday.
  6. Probationers must bring a valid photo ID
  7. Probationers must speak English.