Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I request that a County road be oiled for dust control?
Contact, visit, or send your written request to the Public Works department. If a traffic count shows high road usage or you have a medical condition justification, then the road will be oiled at no cost to the property owners. All other requests must be submitted by the property owners and will be charged at a cost of $0.78 per linear foot.

How do I request a road to be upgraded to asphalt?
The property owners must submit a written request to:
Public Works
700 A. Wilmeth Road
McKinney, TX 75069.

How do I obtain a permit to install a driveway culvert?
Contact Development Services at 972-548-5585.

Who handles illegal dumpsite complaints?
Contact Deputy Josh Mounger in the Collin County Sheriff's Office at 972-547-5350.

Who maintains Farm to Market and State Highways?
Texas Department of Transportation at 972-542-2461.

Who do I call for Flood Plain information?
Please call Development Services at 972-548-3727.

What is the standard right-of-way distance requirement on County roads?
The Collin County standard right-of-way distance requirement for most county roads is 60 feet, usually 30 feet each side of the existing centerline of the road. County roads on the Commissioners Court approved Thoroughfare Plan require larger and varied distances than just the standard 60 feet.
To obtain Right-of-Way information regarding upgrade projects on Collin County maintained roads contact:
Right-of-Way Coordinator - 972-548-3740.