Illegal Dumping

The Illegal Dumping Problem and Why You Should Care

Nearly a million people call Collin County home, in part, because of its inherent beauty and charm. But not everyone shares this fondness for the county and litters it with their trash. Illegal dumping is a significant problem which cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars in cleanup costs and lost productivity.

These dumpsites are not only unsightly, but also pose serious public health and environmental safety hazards to all of us. They contain everything from common household and yard trash to appliances, furniture and other large items, to hazardous chemical and biological waste, where they can leach into the soil and water table.

Oh, and by the way... it's against the law. You can help us preserve the appeal of Collin County by reporting illegal dumping. If you witness this activity, please call the number below. The Sheriff's Office will investigate and together we can keep Collin County beautiful.


Map of Illegal Dump Sites

Illegal Dumping Brochure



Call Public Works' general office number at (972) 548-3700 to reach:

Solid Waste Officer: Mark Hines

Illegal Dumping Enforcement: Deputy Bryan Hardin