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Some Other Local heroes

Public Works Staff as First Responders

Did you know that your Public Works staff are first responders to a number of emergencies and disasters?

Think about them during the next brush fire, flood, tornado…

first responders 

Incidents To Which Public Works Has Responded

Hurricane Katrina (summer 2005)
30 staff and vans
Transported evacuees from airport to temporary housing.

Westminster Tornado (May 2006)
60 staff with dump trucks, backhoes, front loaders and Gradall
Removed trees from houses and cleared debris.

Celina Hay Field Fire (June 2006)
10 staff with front loaders, motor graders and water trucks
Separated burning bales of hay and spread them out on the ground, making them easier to extinguish.

Hurricane Rita (summer 2007)
30 staff and vans
Transported evacuees from airport to temporary housing.

Floods (summer 2008)
100 staff
Placed barricades on closed streets.

House Fires (recurring)
10 staff
Assist volunteer fire departments, knock down structures and create openings in walls for water hoses.

Snow and Ice (recurring)
Sand trucks
Spread sand on roads to make vehicle travel safer.

Other (ongoing)
Staff stations water trucks throughout the county during drought conditions.
Staff provided water delivery via water trucks to areas affected by the NTMWD water main break and Altoga water pump break.
Staff provides traffic control on two bridges over Lake Lavon during the 4th of July weekend.