Dust Control Oiling

Oiling of county roads - New oiling policy adopted by Commissioner's court effective Spring '05.

The County will oil a 500 foot portion of a county rock road for dust control where the resident has a chronic respiratory condition, substanitiated by a MEDICAL DOCTOR and when the County's approved health form is submitted once each 36 months or 3 years.

The County will oil up to 500 feet in front of the applicant's residence. If the house is located at a road intersection the road will be oiled 500 feet in both directions from the intersection.
THIS FREE SERVICE WILL BE PERFORMED ONE TIME EACH YEAR and only between the warmer months of mid-March through early October. Routine road grading will NOT warrant additional applications of oil. All additional applications of oil whether health related or otherwise will be at the requestor's expense (see below).

Application for dust control oiling due to chronic respiratory condition is available by calling the Public Works department (972-548-3700) and requesting an application. Or you can download the application and mail the completed form to:

Public Works
700-A W. Wilmeth Road
McKinney, Texas 75069

The completed application may also be faxed to the Public Works department at 972-548-3754.

All other requests for road oiling in unincorporated areas of the County will be at the requestor's expense. Collin County shall be reimbursed for the cost of the materials, which is currently 78 cents ($0.78) per linear foot. The process will consist of three (3) 500 linear foot applications. Typically, two applications will be applied on one day with the remaining application a day or two thereafter. The typical three applications for 500 linear feet of oil costs $390.00 at current prices, which are subject to change.