Road Closures

Road Closure

Periodically, organizations may request the closure of a county road to facilitate a specific activity such as pipeline repair/installation or a bike race. In these instances, Collin County requires proper documentation to initiate the process. Organizations can download the Road Closure Form - PDF version or the Road Closure Form - Word version and return it to Public Works per the instructions on the form. Road closure requests must be received at least 24 hours prior to the desired closure time, not counting weekends and holidays. In addition, requestors are required to provide:

  • Contact Person and Phone Number
  • County Road Closed
  • Location From / To
  • Closure Date From / To
  • Detour Recommendations

Road Closure Forms will be documented at Public Works and forwarded to the Fire Marshall’s office for distribution to the following entities:

  • County Departments
  • Utility Companies
  • US Postal Service
  • School Districts
  • Local Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Fire Personnel
  • EMS Personnel
  • Adjacent cities