Information for Utility Companies

Utility permits

Collin County requires a permit for all utilities* that are placed along or across Collin County roads. The Collin County Utility Construction Inspector (Tony Cook) must be contacted directly to receive the permit. There is no charge for utility permits.

The guidelines for installing utilities* along or across Collin County roads are available from the Collin County Utility Construction Inspector. These guidelines change as federal, state and Collin County laws and requirements change, therefore, only guidelines obtained directly from Collin County at the time the permit is issued will be in effect.

To obtain a permit, email or fax a map of the exact location of the project, what is to be installed, the installation method and the distance from the center of the road the proposed installation will be.

* Telecommunications companies fall under additional State Laws. Contact Collin County Utility Construction Inspector for details.


Collin County Accommodation of Utilities Manual


To determine the electric company operating in your area, click the map.

Electric Companies

Contact: Tony Cook
Phone: 972-548-3722