Staff Directory

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Rains, Michalyn CPPO, CPPB Purchasing Agent 972-548-4111
Charnoski, Michelle CPPB ​Assistant Purchasing Agent 972-548-4142
Vacant ​Buyer I ​972-548-4115
Griffin, JD CPPB ​Buyer II ​972-548-4116
Hayes, Susan ​Buyer I ​972-548-4122
Higgins, Lauren ​Buyer II ​972-548-4124
Hoglund, Sara CPPB ​Buyer II ​972-548-4104
Vacant ​Senior Buyer ​972-548-4107
Robertson, Glynda CPPB ​Buyer I ​972-547-5326
Wilkerson, Courtney ​Senior Buyer ​972-548-4113
Zimmel, Gina ​Buyer II ​972-548-4119
Dobecka, Matt CPPO, CPPB, CPCP ​Functional Analyst ​972-548-4103
LaFollett, Sherrie Purchasing Administrator 972-548-4117
Phillips, Koby Asset Management Technician  972-548-4102
Riley, Derek Asset Management Technician 972-548-4112