Appointed Official
L'Cena Parsons

Collin County Records
Collin County McKinney Plaza Location
825 N. McDonald St.
McKinney, TX 75069

Our Mission

The Records Management Department acts as the caretaker of information belonging to the citizens of Collin County. This stewardship involves preserving the information while making it available in a usable and cost effective manner, providing comprehensive records management support to County departments, and ensuring that legally mandated retention schedules and preservation standards for records are followed.

  1. Serve Collin County citizens, business community, and departments through the collection, storage, retention, preservation, and disposition of county records entrusted to the department's care, and serve as a resource for current and developing records and information management resources and technology. (Supports County strategic goals no. 1 and 2)
  2. Produce, store, and preserve high quality and long lasting electronic and/or micrographic copies of original documents. (Supports County strategic goal no. 6)
  3. Ensure that electronic records created and/or received by the County are maintained, preserved, and disposed of in accordance with County, State, and Federal rules and regulations. (Supports County strategic goal no. 6)

NOTE: All requests for records must be submitted to the originating department. For example, if you need birth or death certificates, land deeds, or vital information please contact the County Clerk's Office located at 2300 Bloomdale Road, Suite 2104.

For additional information about which department to contact, where to find County information, questions about records retention, disposition procedures, and resources, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page.