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The following records are available for community members. Click a link below to read more about the record in question or to run a report.

Arrest/Release Report

This report will contain data from Midnight of the oldest day selected through 11:59:59 PM of the previous day from today and contain all individuals arrested and inmates released from the Collin County Detention Facility during that timeframe.

Run the Arrest/Releases Report

Open Records Requests

"Pursuant to section 552.301(c), Government Code, the Collin County Sheriff's Office Records Division has been designated to receive all electronic mail requests for public information. The Department is not responsible for responding to electronic mail requests sent to any electronic mail address other than the address for the Collin County Sheriff's Office Records Division."

Learn More about Open Records Requests.

Civil Fees

Pursuant to Local Government Code 118.131, it is ordered by the Court that the Sheriff and Constables of Collin County are to charge a variety of fees for service or attempted service.

See What Civil Fees Exist.

Active Warrants Report

Look up active warrants using first and last name. Note that all warrants may not be viewable to the public; if you have conerns regarding a warrant, please contact the Sheriff's Office or Constable Precinct in which you live to verify.

Active Warrants Report

Court & Case Information Report

The Judical Online Search Report allows you to search information pertaining to Active Warrants, Inmates, Cases, and Constable Civil Papers. You can search by Name, Case Number, Traffic Citation, or Attorney. Additionally, you can search one or multiple courts and case types as well.

Run the Judicial Records Report