Sheriff's Office: Alarm Permits

The Collin County Sheriff's Office requires that homeowners who have a monitored residential alarm system obtain a permit for that alarm system. The alarm permit is required for all residences where the Collin County Sheriff's Office is the primary law enforcement provider. If your city has a Police Department, you must obtain a permit from your local agency (If required). Only monitored alarm systems are included in the Collin County Alarm Permit Ordinance. The fees for the alarm permit are stated on the permit form. Permits must be renewed annually. A notice of renewal will be sent to each permit holder prior to the permit expiration date. Once a permit is obtained, please notify the Collin County Sheriff's Office should you move, disconnect, stop using the alarm, or stop monitoring the alarm system. Copies of the permit and instruction forms are available below.

General information and alarm application:

General Information

Alarm Permit Application

Application Instructions