Sheriff's Office: Employment Information

Employment at the Collin County Sheriff's Office is regulated by Civil Service.

Applications for positions at the Sheriff's Office cannot be taken unless the position is listed on the Collin County Human Resources website. All job openings are posted for a set period of time and applications must be considered in the order they are received. The position will be posted again only if the openings are not filled.

Please click to the link below to apply for Collin County Sheriff's Office employment opportunities:

View Collin County Career Opportunities

Questions regarding positions with the Sheriff's Office can be answered by HRD, the Sheriff's Office Professional Standards Section at 972-547-5155 or by emailing the Professional Standards Section.

All applications must be submitted online through the Collin County Human Resources website.

Lateral Entry Program

Qualifications for Lateral Hire:

  1. Five cumulative years of full-time law-enforcement experience as a peace officer, including experience in an agency outside of the state, and
  2. Current Texas peace officer’s license, and
  3. Currently employed by a Texas law-enforcement agency and is in good standing, including psychological and physical fitness, and weapons proficiency.

Qualified Lateral Hires are Exempt from:

  1. A psychological examination, if the person submits proof they have completed a psychological examination within the last five years that is valid with TCOLE, and
  2. A polygraph examination, and
  3. The physical-agility test.