Sheriff's Office: The Facility

The existing structures represent the first phase of a master plan build-out for a complete justice center complex for Collin County. Phase I was constructed on approximately 45 acres and includes the Sheriff's Administration Building, Detention Administration Building, two inmate housing clusters, and a central energy/maintenance plant. Two additional inmate housing clusters have since been added.

The Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff's Office, which is physically separated from the detention building by a plaza entry way, was designed to accommodate maximum future space requirements. Until expansion is necessary, portions of the building will remain unfinished, or "shelled out". Offices and staff for the following services and functions are housed in the sheriff's building: administration, court services (civil, warrants, and mental health), support services (human resources, business management, communications, and crime prevention), field operations (patrol and criminal investigation), property/ID, and staff services. The building also has a lower level parking garage for county-owned vehicles.

The Detention Facility

The detention building serves as the support facility for the inmate housing clusters, which will ultimately manage an estimated 1,600 inmates at build-out. Access to and from the building and housing clusters is provided by two separate corridors, the first of which is designated for use by staff and inmates, the other for visitors and maintenance personnel.

The following areas are contained in the detention building: visitor/public reception, administrative and staff offices, conference rooms, classrooms, staff dining, physical training room, staff locker rooms, library, inmate medical clinic, food and laundry service areas, receiving and warehousing, inmate visitation, and inmate processing.

Each housing cluster contains a central control station from which all doors within the cluster are controlled and monitored. Also within each cluster are two multipurpose rooms, a satellite medical station, a visitation area, and four inmate housing units.

The Central Plant

All mechanical equipment and electrical distribution equipment needed to support the Phase I buildings are housed in the central energy/maintenance plant. The Collin County Facilities Maintenance Department offices and workshops are also located in this building, which was designed to accommodate all of the equipment that will ultimately be needed to support the master plan build-out.

The Central Plant is a 25,503 square foot facility which houses the mechanical and electrical distribution systems for the site. Phase I construction allowed for future expansion of two additional clusters without costly building additions. At ultimate build-out the Central Plant will produce 5,000 tons of air conditioning.

The plant is capable of producing enough power through emergency generation so that the entire complex can run independently of the power utility. The emergency generation system can also be used for peak demand load reductions, which has the capability of saving the taxpayers thousands of dollars per year.

The Central Plant also houses the Facilities Maintenance operations for Collin County as well as technician shops, a weld shop, carpentry, spare parts, and ground maintenance for 37 county buildings.

Operating 24 hours a day, the Central Plant operators control and maintain fire alarms, security systems, emergency generator systems, and HVAC systems for the County's major buildings in McKinney and Plano.​