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Collin County Sheriff's Office: Facility History

The Collin County Sheriff's Office and Detention Facility is the result of a six-year effort by the Sheriff's Office, other county personnel, and citizens of Collin County to provide this community with one of the finest, state-of-the-art, full service law enforcement facilities in the United States.

The Path to Construction

In 1988, a Citizens' Advisory Committee, made up of 29 Collin County citizens, was established to review the needs for the future of the Collin County Sheriff's Office and Detention Facility. After just 10 months, the Committee recommended to Commissioners Court that a completely new detention facility and Sheriff's office was needed. Commissioners Court approved the Citizens' Advisory Committee's recommendations.

In 1989, the Collin County Commissioners Court formed the Collin County Jail Facility Financing Corporation. During the building of this project, the corporation issued $49M in bonds for the total project, which financed the purchase of 282 acres, all roads, utilities and site preparation used in the build-out of the Collin County Criminal Justice Center. Currently on site, occupying 45 acres, is the Collin County Sheriff's Office, Detention Facility, and Central Maintenance Facility.

Building the Facility

The Collin County Sheriff's Office is built today with shelled-out space for future needs. In the Detention Facility all infrastructure and support services are in place to house approximately 1,600 inmates in the future.

Ground was broken in January 1992 with construction starting in March 1992. We moved into the Sheriff's Office complex in January 1994 and the Detention Facility was opened in March 1994.

Actual construction cost for this facility, central plant, and 45 acres totals $34M.

The Detention Facility: Direct Supervision

The Detention Facility is a "new generation", direct supervision detention facility that was constructed in full compliance with rigid state and federal standards. Originally, the Detention Facility had the capability to house 536 inmates. As additional beds are needed, only housing will be constructed. In 2007, the fourth housing cluster was added, bringing the housing capability to 1,298 inmates.

By using nine common sense principles, the direct supervision philosophy seeks to manage human behavior positively and productively. The nine principles are:

  1. Effective Control
  2. Effective Supervision
  3. Competent Staff
  4. Safety of Staff and Inmates
  5. Manageable and Cost Effective Operation
  6. Effective Communications
  7. Classification and Orientation
  8. Justice and Fairness
  9. Ownership of Operations

Although significantly different from traditional jails, direct supervision detention facilities throughout the United States have proven themselves to be safe, secure, and cost effective. Design and operational procedures of this facility evolved from the "best ideas" of similar facilities across the nation and our own dedication to perfect our profession.

We hope the information on this web site will assist you in understanding our facility. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact any member of the Collin County Sheriff's Office and Detention Staff.