Inmate Accounts

Deposits to Inmate Accounts

Using the TouchPay Payment Portal, you can deposit money into an inmate account. The portal is fast, reliable, convenient, and secure. Inmates incarcerated in the Collin County Detention Facility can use the money in these accounts for commissary and phone calls.

Click the TouchPay logo below to get started.

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Inmate Commissary

Inmates incarcerated in the Collin County Jail are able to purchase commissary using their inmate account. Commissary includes food, snacks, and select approved items. Friends and families can also send inmates iCare Packages.

To browse available items and order an iCare Inmate Package, click the iCare Gifts logo below.


Collin County Sheriff's Office
4300 Community Ave.
McKinney, TX 75071

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Main: 972-547-5100
Jail: 972-547-5200

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